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Professional Electrical Services in Cumbernauld

The team

HB Electrical Services started because both Paul and Les had a desire to work together. Both are approved electricians and have been in the industry for over 27 years. When the opportunity presented itself in April 2006 to work together we grabbed it with both hands. We are both very motivated, enthusiastic individuals who want our business to flourish. We also have Daryl on board and he started with us as a trainee on a six month trial. That went well and we offered him an apprenticeship he is now in forth year and he is doing the company proud at college, he will shortly be sitting his trade test.



Small Professional Contractors

As a Small Contractor we feel professionalism is key, there are so many small electrical outfits that we feel we have to do something different to stand out from the rest. Our professional approach to our business allows us to gain more jobs and keep our current, happy, clients.

We have two new vans that are fully kitted out and marked with both our logo and the SELECT and CLE marks. As well as this, we also have our own corporate work wear which includes trousers, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece pullovers and hard wearing waterproof jackets. This approach has two clear benefits that we can see; firstly it does breed an air of professionalism with having everything and everyone well turned out. And secondly it instils confidence in the client that the person at the door is who he says he is, all they have to do is look at both the van and the electrician to know he does come from our company.


Fully Qualified Electricians

Our customer service strategy is very simple - we do what we say we will, when we say we will and for the price we have quoted. We are always in communication with our clients and if we feel there is a possibility that our Electrician may be late we will call them with an estimated time.


Local Friendly Business

As a small business we feel that we should always keep a high profile in the local community, particularly now as the building trade may be hitting a recession. We currently have a few banners with our logo and contact details which are regularly displayed at local football tournaments. Again this has more than one benefit - we are supporting local teams, which is great from community spirit and also the spectators are almost certainly going to need an electrical services in cumbernauld at some point and hopefully they will remember us! If you are looking for a electrical services in cumbernauld, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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